Benefits of Container Gardening

One of the benefits of container gardening is that children can participate and learn.

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Consider the Benefits of Container Gardening

There are so many benefits of container gardening. If you are considering making a garden in pots and containers, just read this list and then jump in and get started!

  • Container gardens are a never-ending source of delight. Gardening in itself is a stress-busting activity and participating in nature’s life cycle is entirely positive. We also learn from our gardens.
  • Plants grown in pots have fewer problems with diseases than plants grown in-ground.
  • Containers can be moved around to suit the gardener’s (and the plants’) needs. If someone isn’t getting enough sun, you can usually move it to a better location. If a flower has finished blossoming you can move it to a less conspicuous place and replace it with a plant that is starting to bloom.
  • Container gardening is less labor intensive than traditional gardening.
  • Many people with disabilities who have mobility issues can garden in pots and containers even if they can’t manage an in-ground garden. There are many benefits of container gardening for the elderly and disabled.
  • There are fewer insect pests in container gardens and they are easier to control.
  • It is easier to teach children about gardening if you do it in containers.
  • Very few weeds usually find their way into pots of plants.
  • Container gardens can exist in extremely limited spaces. This means that people with no outside yard can often have a garden because it can be done on a balcony, fire escape, porch or other area that has no soil.
  • You can rearrange your containers in accordance with the seasons. This gives great flexibility.
  • It is easier to fertilize plants that are in containers. Fertilizer does not leach into surrounding soil.
  • With a container garden you won’t require large tools. Furthermore, you need fewer tools than with a traditional garden. No large shovels, rakes and hoes.
  • You can grow plants much closer together.
  • You can take your garden with you if you move to a new home.
  • Your home can be made more welcoming with plants, especially if you can have them at the entrance or in a window box,
  • You can grow your own food, thus saving money and providing yourself and your family with good quality produce. You will actually know what you are eating.
  • Plants are good for our environment. They definitely improve the quality of the air we breathe.
  • With indoor vegetable gardening you can have herbs and vegetables throughout the entire year.
  • Food miles, both from transporting food to the store as well as your own transportation are reduced when you grow your own. Over time this can add up to a lot of miles.
  • Invasive plants like mint and English ivy can be safely grown in containers where they won’t choke other plants.

Seedlings ready for their containers

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